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When your business needs a little extra push to get up and running at full speed, get a business loan. Take advantage of DeDona Enterprises and the ability we have to get you the money you need to be successful.

Is it time to expand your business?


Whether your dream has always been to run your own restaurant or you enjoy helping people, let us help you get started. If you always wanted to be your own boss, allow us to help you get the cash you need to get started in the world of business ownership.

Start the business that you have always wanted

 •  SLA  approved

 •  Locally - owned lending

 •  Professional service

 •  Competitive rates

 •  Increased profits

 •  A growing business!

Discover SLA approved lending and let us help you start or ramp up your business.

Trust in a locally owned company where the only goal is to get you the money you need. If your business is thriving and you need more room or you just have ideas that require funds, take advantage of our services.

Make your vision a reality and allow us to help you with lending

What you'll get

Success is near

After you get the funds you need to help your business reach its fullest potential, consider adding a variety of snack and soda vending machines or video game and amusement style table games. Watch your customers pile in and your profits take off!

Add something extra to your growing company

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